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Product Release date Version Size Download
Visual Oracle - Omen Edition November 29, 2021 21.11.29 6 MB
Visual Oracle - Royal Edition November 29, 2021 21.11.29 23 MB
Visual Oracle - Standard Edition November 29, 2021 21.11.29 23 MB
OS: Windows 10 or Linux + Wine


Download and unzip the contents of the archive to the desired location and run Visual Oracle.exe

You must run the program with ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS.

The program MUST have READ, WRITE, and EXECUTE permissions in its folder.

The Windows security components (such as defender, smartscreen) and/or (if installed) other security programs, for example, antivirus software, must be properly configured for it.


Visual Oracle is portable. This makes it easy to carry Visual Oracle and data with your configuration on a removable media or an USB drive. Visual Oracle does not store any temporary data in the file system and registry of the host computer. However, it is recommended to run the program on HDD or SSD because the devices like USB Sticks or Flash Cards are too slow.


There's no uninstaller because the program does not write or put anything outside its own directory and leave no traces on your computer. To uninstall the program just delete the program directory.


Windows 10
Ubuntu 20.04 and above

Code signing

Windows will give you a warning when you start the installation file. That does NOT mean that the software is not safe to install and Windows will warn you about any installation file that does not have a code signing certificate.

Code signing is used on Windows and Mac OS X to authenticate software on first run, ensuring that the software has not been maliciously tampered with by a third-party distributor. It merely ensures that the software has not been modified by anyone other than the author.

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