I purchased Lifetime License. Do I have to pay for updates?

No! Once registered you will get all new versions for free.

Why does the software not remember or not accept my key (it always launches as an evaluation)?

If your account does not have the required permissions (read, write, execute data) (1) the license information (the key) will not be stored; (2) the next time the software is started it will revert to an evaluation copy. The workaround is to log in with Administrator Rights, install and input your key.

You may have to exit the program completely, then right click on the shortcut icon and select Run as Administrator.

Why haven't I received my licence key?

If you do not receive a key within 48 hours please refer to the table below:

Problem Action
our email has been spam filtered check your spam folder for an email from us
you supplied the payment processor with an incorrect email address email us with the correct details and request that we re-send the key
your service provider refused our email (this is particularly likely with comcast, AOL and US military email addresses) email us from a different email account (e.g. if your home address failed, try it from your work address, or vice versa)

Why doesn't my licence key work?

Licence key problems are usually a result of:

  • Incorrectly copying the licence key; or
  • Using the wrong licence key

It is easy to make a mistake copying a key 'by hand'. To ensure that you have correctly copied the licence key, please copy and paste it from the licence key email you have already received. To ensure you have the correct version of the software installed, please check the Application Manager window.

If you lost your License Key

You can request the key from your account.

If you don't have access to your account (or to the registered e-mail box), please contact us.

Write us: (1) the Order Number; (2) Date of Purchase and Payment Method; (3) Full Name, Address, Zip, Country, City, Phone.

We need this information to compare it with your order and avoid possible frauds.

Advice for Asking the Best Tarot Questions

Love Questions

The topic of love is the most often type of question asked of the tarot. Many people are wondering if the person they are currently partnered with is in fact their actual soul mate. They want to know if they have a long, bright future together. Individuals seeking new romance are wondering what the person of their interest is thinking, and also wondering about other people's intentions are for the relationship.

Single people often wonder if they will meet their soul mate and when it will happen, how it will happen and where it will happen. They are wondering how the person will look and what their character will be like.

To get the most accurate tarot card prediction it is suggested that you consider asking these questions instead:

  • What is important for me to know about this relationship?
  • Why am I not in a relationship at this time?
  • What kind of partner or relationship would be the best for me?
  • What can I do to change in order to have the relationship of my dreams?

Career and Job Questions

Some people ask straight forward questions. Some ask questions of a more philosophical bent. All of them are valuable. The most common questions asked about work are:
  • What clarity is there in my job?
  • What is the nature of the situation?
  • What is the cause of the situation?
  • What is the best way to handle it?
  • What future does my job hold?
When it comes to careers, people generally ask which career is most suited for them, what direction they should move in next and what would make them happy in their work.

Health Questions

Almost all readings in the arena of health are specific. People want to know if the illness is connected to something. Is it even possible to get better? To get an accurate prediction these would be the most beneficial questions to ask the tarot regarding your well-being:
  • What do I need to do in order to recover/heal?
  • What can I do to improve my health?
  • What is the reason for my illness?
  • How can I change for the better?

Spiritual Growth Questions

Those of you that have begun traveling on the path of self-awareness into the spiritual side of your lives are probably looking for a deeper understanding of life in general. You will also want to know how certain beliefs and ideas apply in your lives. It is suggested that you ask these questions:
  • What is the highest good I can do?
  • What am I meant to do?
  • What is most important for me to focus on?
  • What opportunities should I try?
  • What are my strengths/weaknesses?