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Create New Spread

Spread is a template, with a predetermined number of items, positions, angles and other data. Each project (a reading or journal record) contains the spread that can be extracted.

For example, let's create 7-card spread and call it "Analyzing a relationship in love":

Press F6 key on keyboard or the Spread Editor button.

The Spread Manager Window will be displayed.

1. Add 7 cards by setting the value of the Items edit box to 7. The number of cards can be changed at any time during the creation or editing of the spread.

2. Seven cards will appear in a row on the grid.

3. The number on each card represents the order in which this card will be dealt.

4. Enter a Spread Name.

5. Move the cards by the mouse to the desired position.

6. Set rotation angles for each card if needed.

7. Enter the Position Names:

  1. The essence of the person you love in a relationship.
  2. Provide additional data in the past related to this relationship. How did this love story take place?
  3. What is the emotional relationship at the present time?
  4. Development dimension of the relationship in the future.
  5. Issues to overcome in order to develop better relationships with your lover.
  6. The result of the relationship.
  7. The advice for you at this time.

8. Normalize spread if needed by clicking the Normalize button. This will align all cards to the top left corner. It is highly recommended to do this step.

9. Click the Save (or Update) button.

10. New spread will appear in the Spreads List.

Close the Spread Manager Window.

11. New spread will appear on the start page immediately and will be ready for use.