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Structure Guide

This program may contain unlimited number of Oracles.

Each Oracle may contain unlimited number of Decks or Packs.

Oracle is a template, with a predetermined number of items that is set once when creating an Oracle and cannot be changed later. The description of the Oracle and default names of the items of the Oracle can be changed at any time later.

For example, Tarot is an Oracle and it contains decks with a predetermined number of items and its order. However, there are decks of cards with a different order of cards. If you are a professional and want to use decks of cards as is in the original, then you need to create a separate Oracle for each type of deck. And only after this add the appropriate decks of cards.

In general, the names of the suits of cards are not important, since almost every deck in this regard is unique. But the order of cards is important. Mainly this applies to the order of Major cards.

If all this seems to you too complicated and confusing, then you can create one single Tarot Oracle. Set one single, convenient order of items. And when adding new decks, simply change the order of cards from the original sequence to the order of cards set by you at the time of creating an Oracle.